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Bodybuilding coaching


Interested in BodyBuilding? Let's show off all of that hard work! At Training House we offer special packages specific to your organization, class, and category.  From nutritional guidance, to workout programming, posing and presentation. We know how to get you STAGE READY! 

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How to choose your Organization.

This is an important choice for every athlete.  In the USA we have 2 branches of bodybuilding. There are natural drug tested competitions and non drug tested comps. Fortunately you can naturally compete in whichever you prefer.  Let's discuss which organization is the right fit for you.

Larisa Shaw Amber Shaw

Meet the Coaches

Amber and Larisa Shaw have been competitive body builders and coaches for over 6 years. They each hold overall win titles in their categories. Larisa Shaw is currently a bikini pro with the OCB and Amber Shaw is a nationally ranked bodybuilding athlete with the IFBB 



Judging is based on having an overall healthy-looking toned body with good symmetry, fullness,balance, shape and proportion with good posture, poise, confidence, and stage presence. Other factors that can affect overall appearance are suit fit, hair and make-up, skin tone, and complexion. Bikini competitors should not display deep muscle separation, muscle striations or an abundance of muscle size.



The Wellness division is BRAND NEW and had its debut at the Mr. Olympia 2021, it is a division in the IFBB Pro League, the NPC, OCB and is a part of the Amateur Olympia. Wellness is broken up into different height classes and focuses on judging mainly on “body mass in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas,” according to the IFBB Pro League. Compared to the other female divisions, this division focuses the least on muscle separation. They also are compared through a series of quarter turns


Womens Figure

Figure competitors must show good muscle tone. Leanness and muscle development is expected; however, competitors should NOT exhibit as much conditioning and muscle mass/size or present an over-conditioned physique as is presented in Women’s Physique. Figure competitors should not display deeply drawn-in faces or stringy-looking muscularity (an emaciated look), indicative of extreme leanness, or less shapely muscularity due to muscle glycogen depletion. Competitors shall display a clear V-Taper when viewed from the front and back displaying clear deltoid caps and conditioned abdominals. Quadriceps should display sweep and clean lines but not overly cross striated muscles. Hamstrings should be full and muscular with well-rounded gluteus development.


Womens Bodybuilding

Scoring is based on size, symmetry and proportion  as well as leanness and conditioning with full developed muscles and a very lean or "dry" aesthetic.


Womens Physique

Scoring is based on good leanness and conditioning with full, healthy and shapely muscularity,
good balance, proportion, and symmetry of both muscularity and conditioning, and
presentation. Extreme muscularity and leanness should be avoided.

physique posing coach

Mens Physique

Judging is based on good leanness and definition with muscularity, and good balance, proportion, symmetry of both muscularity and conditioning, and presentation. Extreme size and leanness like with the bodybuilding category should be avoided.

Classic Physique coach

Mens Classic Physique

The Classic Physique shall display visible separation within the abdominal region, from top to bottom; Clean delineation between all three heads of the deltoids, triceps and biceps, clean lines between the quadriceps muscle groups and hamstrings with full shapely and symmetrical muscle bellies. The physique should NOT appear overly shredded, vascular, grainy, overly dense or thick but should display a balance between size and symmetry complemented by clear lines between all muscle groups without cross striated muscle groups as displayed in bodybuilding. The emphasis is on symmetry
and this will take priority in judging rather than size or extreme conditioning.

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